Grilled Cheese.. The food lovers paradise!!

imageToday I am inspired to share my love for grilled cheese of all kinds! I do not discriminate! 

So here is how it happened, I woke up at lunch time after working 15 hours and sleeping only a few and decided I was starving! My hubby had just sliced a loaf of fresh sourdough bread. Honestly I thought about just taking a slice and having it with my coffee..but that really wasn’t a good idea because I would have gone back for more!

So on my hunt to find something better to eat, I came across some extra sharp aged cheddar and some spinach and mushrooms and it just came to me.. Grilled cheese! I sautéed the mushrooms and spinach and some olive oil and garlic too, then I toasted up some of the awesome sliced-bread and made the most AMAZING grilled cheese!


That being said I am now on a hunt for the best grilled cheese , of course there can’t just only be one!!  I have found a bunch on my ever so loving Pinterest and would love to share them all with you.

You can find me at Jamie Cote-Mandra  Soulmates2011

The delicious one includes roast beef and Gouda!  OMG, that makes my mouth water with excitement!

It  is going to be my life long journey to go out into the world and find the best restaurants with the best grilled cheeses! I know they are out there.., But first I will find the best of the best in SouthWest Florida!!!

I know they are out there, fresh-baked bread, fresh vegetables and sliced meats all melted to protection!!

imageimageHere are some more amazing ideas! I will continue to search and post these because they all look amazing! please let me know if you have hard am amazing experiences at any local spots, I am thinking there must be a grilled cheese grouper sandwich somewhere!! I would love to do an official review 🙂

Until I blog again… Enjoy all the great food… Best of luck on the hunt for grilled cheese!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Carrie Graves says:

    Check out Whole Foods Market’s specialty grilled cheeses at the High Tide Bar.


    1. swflfoodie says:

      Thank you Carrie! I sure will!


  2. Tim Aten says:

    Have you tried the creative grilled cheese sandwiches at 11:Eleven Cafe in Fort Myers?


    1. swflfoodie says:

      Hi Tim, no I have not. I am thinking I will need to go try:)


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