il meraviglioso mondo di polpette! ~The wonderful world of meatballs ~

So… meatballs, yes meatballs. any way shape or form, they are great! I was brought up in the kitchen and was taught many different recipes… But as far as Meatballs.. Um yeah not so much. I never really understood the importance of knowing how to make a good meatball! All my life I grew up thinking that pasta sauce always had ground beef in it.. Then I married an Italian man and discovered the AMAZING world of MEATBALLS!

imageI remember the first time him and I were in the kitchen to make a pasta dinner… He says to me.. These meatballs need to cook all day. I couldn’t believe my eyes, fresh ground beef, Fresh garlic, homemade Italian bread crumbs and eggs, oregeno, salt and pepper and parmasean cheese, that’s it. He mixed and mixed with his hand and rolled large balls and placed in a pot of simmering sauce.. meat-less sauce I might add. I was completely at aww. The sauce simmered all day, I couldn’t help but worry that they would just fall apart , but they didn’t! they were whole and when you cut the meatball open with your fork it was so tender! The meatballs just melted in my mouth. This experience changed my way of thinking and I realized, although I could cook, and pretty well I thought.. I had so much to learn and that I was for sure marrying this man!!

During my quest for all things meatball , I was able to find a lot of different types of recipes and different ways of preparation, in the end I have found that meatballs are good. Except maybe the frozen ones that come in a bag!

  Sweat and Sour meatballs are small cocktail meatball cooked in crock pot. Mix one part cocktail sauce and one part grape jelly. Cook on slow for 6 hours. This was a recipe that my dear Nana taught me many years ago! Simple and Easy!image

I also found quiet a few people referred me to the famous Tony Danzas Sunday Sauce with meatballs. I have added the link below to this rimageecipe! Feel fee to share with me your favorite restaurant for meatballs and I will be sure to review!!

Enjoy! Happy Eating!!

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