Hawaiian Asian Fusion? 

 Well.. What can I say..I told the hubby I wanted something different for dinner. I wanted to review a new restaurant in Naples, he had said he heard about Sakura . A new Hawaiian fusion restaurant that opened about 2 months ago on Pine Ridge Road in Naples. He started showing me pictures of some fellow foodies experiences and I was all in.. And of course expecting an amazing experience…
Sadly, judging by our own experience, it wasn’t so amazing.

So first things first.. The atmosphere was.. Blah.. But the restaurant was empty , although on a Saturday night at 630 you would think it would at least have a few customers. There was only one other couple in corner, but the restaurant was clean and very modern.

 The menu included 2 pages of different types of Sake, I opted for a local micro beer because quiet honestly I don’t know enough about, I’m thinking about educating myself on it and trying it out!

Ok.. So I got side tracked a bit.. As for the food the menu was lacking choices and most of the options were somewhat unclear about what they were. We opted to share a trio, we had the choice to pick from 3 meats and 2 sides. Short ribs, pork and chicken were our choices along with rice and salmon salad for our sides.

 The upside was that the food came out quickly and in my opinion  it was pretty to look at. The downside.. Well where do I start?  We first tried the pork, which by far was the best part of the meal, might I add we had to dip it to have flavor, very bland.   The steak was hard to eat and after the second bite, my husband stopped eating it because he got a bit of gristle. I tried to cut off the fatty parts, and was able to spear a couple of bites. Our last portion was the chicken, now we love chicken thighs and thought hmm, I bet it’s good.. My husbands quote was.. “Wow it’s even more bland then the rice.” Luckily we were able to not spend a whole heck of a lot and were able to have enough to go somewhere else and have dessert!

I have decided that I will go back, after all , everyone has a bad day.

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