French American Delight, In the Heart of Naples

Tonight my partner in crime and I got dressed up and met another couple for some cuisine française.

We have been hearing great things about the North Naples restaurant called The French American Bistro.. So we asked our friends to come along .. One of them just happens to be a chef who trained in Southern France!

 What a great experience it was! The cute cozy bistro made us feel like We were in a little town in France. The chef was very friendly and waved from the kitchen .

We all decided to all order different things and try it all!

For Hors d’oeuvres we ORDERED SEA Scallops & Shrimp au gratin ,French onion Soup and camberet cheese.

 All the flavors were perfect creamy and what you would expect in Southern France. We paired it up with a bold French red wine.


For the main course We choose Beef Bourguignon, Veal Blanquette and Filet Mignon, all paired with either wiped potato or rice

The Veal just melted in your mouth, oit was prepared perfectly.

imageFilet Mignon had a creamy, buttery pepper cream sauce the made the filet just melt in you mouth.

imageThe Beef Bourguignon was our least Favorite, only because it had a very strong orange note to the streak that was a very acquired taste, but like the other dishes, the meat was melted in your mouth delicious.

Over dinner we got to hear great stories about Southern France and the experience of training and learning to cook in France, this made the experience all that much more special!

Although we were full and opened a second bottle of another French red, we opted for dessert, after all it was our friends birthday!


Creme brûlée was our first  choice and Profiterole filled with ice cream . 

As we sat and talked we could smell the  brûlée being prepared!

In the end we spend almost 3 hours talking , eating and enjoying our time away from SW Florida, we truly feel like we were in Southern France,it was a Wonderful experience! we felt as though we had our own personal chef!!

French American bistro is a must try!

Bon appetit!

Merci au chef!

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