Tarnished taste of gold..


Between yard sales we decided to stop at Goldie’s for breakfast , right at prime breakfast time 9 am. There was a little bit of a wait but we didn’t have to wait too long.

     We sat and ordered pretty quickly, because of what we have heard, we knew we had to order biscuits and gravy, randy ordered a 1/2 order. of B&G, I ordered the “homemade”corned beef and 2 pouched eggs , our son a stack of pancakes.

The prices seemed pretty reasonable and the food came out quickly.

imageFor all of you that know me, I am really big on presentation and first impression. I will admit I was not impressed with plating at all. I did find that they had homemade strawberry jelly an

d peanut butter sauce that they put on every table, our son had the strawberry on his pancakes, I think it tasted like frozen strawberry juice, but was tasty.



I got the hash and thought I was getting homemade hash, sadly it was not.

There is nothing compared to real homemade hash, this on the other hand was canned and burnt. Honesty I was still trying to be positive but my Husband just looked at me after taking a bite of his B &G and said, I don’t think you should even try it. He only took one bite. (ate cereal when we got home)

We were so disappointed! We really wanted to like it, there has been a lot of talk about this place and we really wanted be apart of it.

The service was good, the restaurant was clean, food not so much. 



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