Chef Robin Almodover

This weekend I had the pleasure of being able to go and experience Chef Robin Almodovar cooking firsthand.IMG_6842


I believe for myself and everyone that had attended that this was an amazing experience. Chef Robin is a passionate charismatic chef who puts all her love and experience and tradition into what she does best. This is not just a job for her, this is not just something she does to pass time. This is a passion and it shows d through with what she does.



I was able to speak to Robyn prior to the event starting, as she was prepping in the kitchen.

We spoke about her back ground and culture. Although her is Dad is Puerto Rican, she says that her passion comes from her childhood past time spent in the kitchen of her Italian Grandmother. I asked her what the first thing she had ever made and what her favorite thing was still to make. Her answer was meatballs! See remembers standing up on the chair and rolling meatballs and dropping them in the gravy (red tomato Sauce  …for all of us non New Yorkers). Believe me her meatballs are a specialty they are absolutely amazing! IMG_6901

I love just being able to watch her just move around the kitchen just naturally she was able to talk, joke and get the entire group involved.

I had asked her if she prefers cooking in a food truck or cooking in an industrial kitchen and she just laughed at me. I mean obviously we all know that it’s easier to cook in a large kitchen rather than a food truck. It’s most definitely an art to produce the quality food that she does.

Palate Party 

She did take the time to tell me that she felt like her food isn’t as appreciated in South Florida as it would be another places. She feels that the people on the West Coast of Florida do seem appreciate her more than the Miami Fort Lauderdale area. She believes that is just due to the fact that there are so many Latin people in that area, and they are always requesting a more of a Latin spin.  Of course I’m biased and I would love to be able to have her food truck and her on the West Coast permanently! What wonderful addition that would be to our area!

Chef Robin’s girlfriend, Stefani is a student pastry chef. Was assisting baking bread’s and making chocolates let me tell you the bread was amazing!IMG_6846

She also had chef Jasper who is the culinary arts teacher at Estero High School.  He was her sous chef for the day. Chef Jasper is in his first year teaching culinary arts and will be offering adult culinary classes! IMG_6821

They all work well together like they have been working together for years. It was like watch a well oil machine. It was amazing to watch.

My husband and I sat with two couples at the table to the far right of the front island of the kitchen. So we had a good view on everything that was being created. We drank wine and tasted some of the most amazing dishes.

Chef Robyn cooks from the soul and it shows in her personality and quality of her food.  If you get the opportunity to try her food you must, make sure you also take the time to speak to her, her passion for what she does will make you smile!

Beef Wellington


Duck Confit’ with hand rolled pasta and a poached egg

Cornerstone Kitchens and Good Deals Appliances hosted the event along with Florida Weekly and Celebrity Chef Series.

I was able to speak to the owners of Cornerstone and Good Deals prior to the event. They said that they love having these events. The Kitchen is a full size kitchen filled with Jen- Air products that they allow the customers to interact and use before they purchase.

They are planning out events in the future, possibly a Kids chef cook off.

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