Over Priced and Not so Nice

imageTwo Weeks ago my husband and I were out on our normal Wednesday night date night. It was his turn to pick and he wanted to go somewhere We have never been. I am a creature of routine and tend to stay with what I know and like.
He decided to to go to the Boathouse in Naples as We have never been here and we have heard a “couple”of people that it was a nice place. We were in Casual Clothes so we defiantly we not looking for anything to fancy. I honestly would have been happy with a good glass of wine and some good conversation. I’m a simple woman :).
We were seated quickly, after my husband had asked that we sit near the window looking over the harbor. The host explained that these seats were reservations only and proceeded to sit us in the corner near the doors to the deck. The restaurant was fairly empty besides the deck and no one was in the said seats near the windows…. Everyone seemed to be crammed up outside. I should have known by the look on my husbands face that we should have just left at that point.
We were greeted by the waitress and we ordered wine and a stuffed artichoke for an appetizer. The appetizer and bread came out quickly. The artichoke was pretty to look at but lacking the stuffing as we each only got one bite.
I couldn’t decide what I wanted for dinner and decided to just have a grouper sandwich and a cup of French onion soup. And my husband has a prime rib sandwich . Now call us old-fashioned but he typically orders for me as he did that night.image

We got our food and did not get the French onion soup but the waitress was so quick to run away, we didn’t get a chance to tell her. I really couldn’t finish it all so I was OK with not getting the soup.
The fish was tasteless, but the presentation was was decent with a modern touch. Also I’m not sue what this bothered me but our deli pickle came in a bag?!! We decided to also have dessert and wanted to share the chocolate lava cake. We ordered it and talked for a while and then realized that about 45 minutes had passed by without dessert. Most of the time that would be fine, We don’t mind sitting and talking and enjoying time together but we need to go pick up our kids ,it was getting late. The waitress finally came back after a disappearing act for about 30 minutes.At this point the people next to us even said that they hadn’t even received their food yet and they came in right after us.
We got up to go find the waitress and tell her that we did not want dessert. We explained we had waited long even and needed to leave and she said the dessert was coming right out and wanted to know if we wanted to go. Once we told her that we wanted it off the check she got very upset with us and said we were inpatient and stormed off.
I proceeded to just wait and my husband paid the bill and asked the bartender if we could have the managers name so that we could speak to them. At that point the waitress came over and said I’m sorry that you had me, I’m new and I don’t know what I’m doing .My husband said my wife didn’t get the soup. She proceeded to Yell at my husband and tell him that it was never ordered. The bartender hushed the waitress up. We then settled our bill and left. Overall the experience was very strange. The menu is very overpriced and the staff is not trained Well and very unprofessional. This is definitely A location for Snowbirds and not a place for locals.
We had no plans on speaking with the manager at that point. We were going to contact him another time, but as we were leaving the manager came running out the door and demanded that we speak with him. We explained everything and he asked that we come back so that he could fix things. Again a strange experience. We will go back, but won’t let the restaurant know, until we are finished. After all everyone has bad days.

Total bill was just over 60.00. 2 sandwiches (not even dinners) and app. and 2 glasses of wine.

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