Pancake House with an attempt to be Original. 

I went back to OPH yesterday during prime breakfast hours. We went at 10 am and we were told that it would be a 40 minute wait. I could tell by looking around that it would not be that long as there were empty tables. We sat within 20 minutes and our waitress came over and introduced herself within just couple of minutes. We ordered coffee and orange juice. We had decided to order what the restaurant is “known for” I ordered a Dutch Baby (which it states takes up to 30 minutes) and hubby ordered the 2,2,2. This consists of 2 French toast, two eggs, 2 slices of bacon. He has asked if he could get stuffed French toast with that, and if not he wanted the Stuffed French toast plate instead. We also ordered a side of hash well done.

The waitress came back quickly and told us that yes they could do the stuffed French toast.
We sat and talked and listened to the overall feel of the customers around us. We waited about 40 minutes of our food. My Dutch baby came out first and about 5 minutes later Randy’s came out. With regular French toast. The waitress quickly took the plate back and came back with the “stuffed French toast” which looked like the same French toast with a glob of cheese slapped in the middle. She stated she wasn’t supposed to give us the stuffed toast with the 2x2x2.

The Dutch baby resembled quiche and also had a strong egg smell. The flavor was of a crape and an omelet, different but good. My husband’s food was cold. The eggs were not over medium, they were well done. The yoke was hard.
Overall my coffee was kept full, food was just basic breakfast. Nothing I will rave about. Santa did walk around and take pictures with everyone which was nice, because everyone waited a long time for their food.

We were just about finished with our food, when I realized that the family of 5 that sat at the same time as us still didn’t have their food. This was a couple with their 3 young kids and she was very pregnant. I overheard the wife say “I am going to have this baby before our food comes out”. She then got up and spoke to manager and said they were leaving, she was quick ushered back to her table and the food came out.

That being said. Timing is way off; people don’t want to wait over an hour to eat a basic breakfast. We were also in the end charged extra for the stuffed French toast.

We have a $10.00 gift certificate Santa gave us, who wants it? We won’t be back.


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