Perfectly Scrumptious, Perfectly Amazing


Do you love cupcakes? If that is a yes, then you must try one or two or maybe three of the

most amazing cupcakes!

At a small store front location in Bonita you will find Perfectly Scrumptious Cupcakes,

owned by Amanda Buckner.

File Apr 02, 12 53 31 PM

I first experienced these out of this world cupcakes at an event in Fort Myers. Honestly I

am not sure how I have survived 36 years of my life without them!

When talking to Amanda I discovered right off, that she not only bakes these cupcakes,

she LOVES to bake her cupcakes and loves what she does for a living.

Perfectly Scrumptious shares a space with Handel’s Ice

Cream at 3440 Renaissance Blvd Unit 2 Bonita Springs FL.

File Apr 02, 12 52 52 PM

She is open daily and also does special orders for Events,Birthdays, Wedding and so on.

The Cupcakes come in 10 different flavors and she also offers Gluten and dairy free


When you meet Amanda you will see that her personality is infectious and her

cupcakes are an addiction.

Her shop is decorated in all things pink and bright and the smell of the cupcakes will

surround you when you walk in!

Amanda was also featured in the famous Cup Cake Wars Season 9 Episode 11. (

The First Cupcake I experienced was the Salted Caramel, she said that this was one of her

most popular.File Apr 02, 12 51 48 PM

I can totally see why!!  OMG AMAZING!

This Cupcake has a perfect balance of sweet and salty that will keep you wanting more. She

makes the caramel daily.

Some of the Flavors that she has are Chocolate Birthday, Cookie Dough, Key Lime,

Chocolate Covered Banana, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate peanut Butter love,

Red Valet, Blue Valet and Many More!

Go see Amanda at Perfectly Scrumptious! You will not be disappointed!


Perfectly Scrumptious

3440 Renaissance Blvd #2

Bonita Spring FL 34134


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